The Camden Crawl Tapes……Pt 1

Yes its here….In April 2006 I embarked on an ill-advised sojourn into Idiot-Central for the Camden Crawl festival. A wristband-led event covering 40 odd venues over the camden/chalk farm area.

Re-ignitied in the early noughties as someone saw all the untapped idiot-potential for cash money walking up and down the high street each day trying to catch a glimpse of Doherty, Zane and their ilk.

here, unedited, are my thoughts and commentary, band-by-band, on the event transcribed from my ‘Tablet Refill Dataday No. 3 pad’ purchased from a newagaent that very day. You don’t get more authentic than that.

Fully made up in my own idiot armour I made for the Buck’s Head to meet Joey and Kev. Bumped into a drunken fool by the name of Dave, a former associate from University and well-known beer monster and ‘if-its-indie-I-love-it’ type with his standard surplus army jacket and mod haircvt attached. Agreed to meet up later to see the Fratellis. I’m not going to see the fratellis’

‘There’s too much styled hair around here. Everyone’s got it to spare. they should make these wigs with ready made outfits as well. I don’t fit in cos I don’t have skinny ankles. Fascists.’

Part 2 tomorrow! including the first band!


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  1. This is great info to know.

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