The Camden Crawl Tapes….Pt 2


Ok Thursday night….about 6pm….first band and kick off at the Koko, overpriced drinks (£4 for a can of kronenbourg) set the mood for what will be a Idiot Exploit-a-thon, fuled by Carling, NME and the like.

We start with ‘Dogs’, and we puzzle over the interest-piqueing moniker until the band come on stage and the lead singer has a Southend United scarf hanging limply round his neck like many fringes we will see over the next day and a half.

From this we surmise the name must relate in some way to the isle of dogs, which leaves me extremely underwhelmed. They launch into their first ‘arctic-monkeys’ inspired riffs of bubbling basslines and rolling drums and what is essentially some MOR provincial power pop referencing self-hatred and escape from a bleak hometown. common fayre for many a modern band as they try and express their apathy through song.

However the bands get-up further proves that indie hair-pop has reached the suburbs and all they are really singing about is the fact that they weren’t born near camden.

[Here my notes become less extensive, but perhaps more intuitive so I will transfer them verbatim]

excellent riffs (monkeys again?) / escape from suburban circles (what a wanker) [I’m not sure what i mean here……]

Decent band singing about the isolation of a deserted essex town

koko drinks…remember to expose! ridiculous prices…………..

Man with big head……coconut shy……


well thats the second nugget, the third to come tomorrow. And with the frenetic pace that music seems to evolve at nowadays I think that this report, albeit over a year late, gives an intrigueing insight into the heart of NME-led mainstream music fans.

Tune in tomorrow for LOUIE!


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