oh and one more thing…..

I am no longer using the qualifying argument, when I call amy winehouse an absolute crack-ridden fuckwhore from hell, that “she has got a good voice i’m not denying that”.

My auntie’s got a good fucking kareoke voice but she doesnt get international acclaim for injecting ketamin laced with her husbands cockglands into her eyeballs and then vomiting on stage to a pre-recorded version of her album.



Year Of The Meathole

So I want to emigrate.

Why you ask? This country has its problems but its better than a lot of other places. We’ve got clean running water, a fully functional national grid, a multi-pronged media structure thats allows us to pick up the news, depending on our broadband connection within minutes if not hours, we have a good healthcare system, hell we even have a state medical system.

We have tv, internet, dvd, cinema, blog, live stream et al and a thriving music industry to sustain us should we get bored with the fully functioning society we have developed.

We have attractive men and women, with expendable income, everywhere so there is a thriving atmosphere of hedonism and decadence as we feel safer and safer in this beautifully designed cocoon-bubble we call society.

In fact it all sounds so good that we are almost harking back to the days of the height of the roman empire, with fattened emperors lying on golden cushioned accubita, whilst servant girls fed them grapes dripping with honey. And I bet those emperors couldnt log on to a live webcam at 4 in the morning to watch a slovakian girl shit on her sisters chest at gunpoint while two guys dressed as wizards fuck each other on the balcony.

So surely that kind of moralisitic freedom should be a triumph? We have come through the other side of hundreds of wars, some of them on such a scale that a tidal wave or earthquake couldnt come close to killing as many as some individuals have done. We have come through the bloodied formation of hundreds of societies, each one a learning curve for the next until we have reached something resembling perfection merely because all its mistakes will be new ones that we just dont know about yet.

We have come through various minorities struggles to be recognised by the rulemakers, women, slaves, homosexuals, miners, disabled people, postmen, transexuals, rednecks, stupid people to the point where we can no longer treat these people differently just for being one of the aforementioned DIFFERENT people.

We have had triumphs and discoveries and achievements on such a scale that we have learnt about and mastered some of the biggest mysteries in the known world.

To summarise…… we have reached what should be a pantheon of the civilised world……a place where we can all toast the success to which everyone has contributed.

But stop I hear you say, life, nay society, does not work that way. for every person that may toast the victories of peoplekind there will always be a hundred workers who put them there.

All true.

My point is that this metaphysical plateau of eastenders-watching comfort we have reached is just that, it is an intangible, uncomprehendable concept for most people.

When some stupid mindless fuckwit of a person sits down with a glass of wine to watch eastenders/big brother/The apprentice/CSI/time team/friends (delete as appropriate to the delusion you indulge) they DON’T THINK ANY OF THAT.

When some braindead little, slack-jawed chav smirks at you on a fucking train are they the product of comfort????? are they a product of a successful civilisation?

Everyday I am surrounded by things called “people” that I look at and think: “an aneurysm is too good for you, an articulated lorry ploughing into you and your fucking rottweiler and spreading your Benson & Hedges & Magners ridden insides all over the fucking street is too fucking quick, cancer is too fucking associated with sympathy for it to be a fitting end for such an amoral, twisted example of cock-sputum as you, you jewelwry-wearing, topman shopping, RNb listening shitcunt”

This plateau of fucking comfort has done nothing in my eye’s except for make it possible for every single one of these shitheads, who 200 years ago would have been shovelling shit into a furnace and dying at 23 from an inhalation related illness or severe VD from fucking too many of their gonorrhoea ridden sisters, to procreate, succeed and proliferate to the point where they are in positions of decision-making and power. they are now the ones sculpting society and choosing its potential directions and priorities.

Is it any FUCKING wonder then that the world is such a shockingly horrible place to live? We are letting this inbred moronic underclass, not only dictate what society, eats, breathes, watches and worships, but also be celebrated for what they are doing.

We live in the age of the post-modern scumbag.

The day I get shot by a young black gang member in Leytonstone, and he is standing over my corpse laughing with his cronies at the irony because I was wearing a stab-proof vest will be the day I come back as a being of pure energy, drawing on all the resentment, fear and insecurity created by these fucking scum, until I can coil out a massive thousand kilometre long ‘spirit-turd’ out of my mystical shitbox and wipe all these sycophantic, nepotisitic steaming shitpiles of the face of the earth so there is nothing fucking left and the only people left on the earth in nothing but rags will be 7 indian children, 4871 nuns of varying faiths, 37,961 genuine, well-meaning people of various ages and nationalities, 14 dogs, all remaining dolphins and switzerland.

And they will be the only people out of the almost 7 billion people on earth, that actually have done no harm to anyone else and live a genuine life. I will not even survive for all of this vitriolic hatred I have spewed forth into the world. You certainly fucking wont because you will have laughed collaboratively at some part of this post…..

And the ultimate irony? is that after I have unleashed this massive tidal shitwave of the worlds pent up fear in the form of an energy-based slop out of cataclysmic levels, those remaining people will make every single mistake again.

So there is little answer to the problem i see, there is also no end. nor is there beginning. nor is there sense or logic.

There is simply time. loads of time for us to just cunt it all up. and for me to get angry at Amy Fucking Winhouse. Man she’s a cunt.

I’m going to go and tug out a magic lazy one in the staff toilets as all this talk of deathwaves of shit clearing the earth of every one of those cunts has got my juices flowing. not a sovereign ring or st george’s flag in sight.

I hope this made you think. it made me cry because there is nothing I can do. Schopenhauer can fuck off about the futility of life, at least in life you can actively hate these wankers. Its the futility of death that fucking gets my goat cos once you’re dead and assuming there is any kind of afterlife, you get to watch all this toss pan out and then start again.

Right, I’m back to work to earn money to live comfortably enough so that i can care about this stuff in the first place.