D.O.L.C.E Update: An Australian List…….?

Ok, I have been living in australia for over a year now and upon reading the latest copy of the DOLCE (found here: https://digitalcrab.wordpress.com/the-d-o-l-c-e-2011/) I realised that it is very anglocentric, and could only be fully appreciated if you are english, have an interest in shitty game shows and grew up in the eighties.

therefore I am opening things up for some Antipodean entries and will be updating it myself with my own observations, but feel free to let me know any that you guys think should be added. You already have a few entries in Steve ‘they got me in the end, the little blighters’ Irwin, and Dannii ‘they finally found a use for me’ minogue so there’s some ideas to get you going.

Here are my first selections of the cream of Australia’s fuckwits:

1.Tony Abbott

2. Paul Hogan

3.Julia Gillard

4.Eddy Maguire

5.Brett Lee

6.Brendon Favola

7.That crime boss that got his head caved in

8.Bev Marks (racist sofa’s)

9. Pauline Hansen (just racist)

10.Nick Maxwell (collingwood captain and bogan)

and on that note i pass the torch to your fine selves…..more from my adventure in the land of the upside down panda moon very soon!