A homage to a great…..

And for all you real acting fans out there….

Have you ever thought of your favourite dead TV stars and thought: “I wish i could just say…….to him”?????

ever wanted to tell Peter Cook that he’s a genius?

or tell Bob monkhouse to suck on your swingers?

Well there is a way (Kind of)

starting this week i will be attempting to publish links which will allow all of you lovely people to contact, not the dead stars themselves, but their closest living relatives…..nifty eh? if a bit intrusive.

This week’s featured snuffed hero is actor Kevin lloyd, aka Detective Tosh Lines, from ITV’s the Bill.

Follow the link on the side bar and you can send your message of condolence/celebration/congratulation as directly as is now possible, to his son James Lloyd, who is currently starring in……..ITV’s The Bill!

***Please do not send any offensive or inappropriate messages as i’m pretty sure i’ve sent all***
***the best ones already.***