If Monkeys Kept Promises…..

Well its time for part two of the much anticipated serial featured in these archives…but first here are those words i promised you, as well as an update of the previous ones……

[Unbridled], [has], [eliminate]

followed by:

[schematic], [Bongo-Bongo], and [Bronson]

thats parts 4, 5 and 6 of four thousand.

Enjoy getting them together…trust me its worth it.


As her hairless lip spasmed gently, my eyes slowly searched her face knowingly for other telltale signs of hidden syndromes, conditions and disorders, any inkling as to what drove her, her childhood traumas, first loves, anything that resulted in an irrational bundle of exiled nerve endings coincedentally wielding the inexorable power to rule her destiny.

I smiled as my old mentor came to mind, Alphonse Regus (pronounced Re-goo), a Frenchman who learned at an early age that all of his friends were fools. That was what he had told me when we first met, answering all my impudent, brash questions with a flick of his hand and a smug raised eyebrow; “They flutter…from place to person to love to work….never once taking a thought for the real reason…..the real purpose”.

My smile evolved into a chuckle as i thought of my original amusement at this bearded old man and his warped take on the world, my amusement that within weeks had become love and awe.

I snapped back to my seat and realised that the young woman, who had now caught my gaze, had misconstrued my smile and subsequent laugh as a broadside aimed at her lack of facial control. My own thoughts, however personal had made her consciousness acknowledge the complex process occurring and somewhere in her brain her defensive circuits kicked in and as i looked away, her hand was raised, covering her mouth, embarrassed.

I feebly attempted to catch her gaze again, in some feeble,vain subconscious attempt at apology, but this soon passed, it always did……any embarassment or feelings of social guilt had long been addressed and dealt with, my medulla oblongata now acting as an emotional tollbooth for the irrationality of human feeling that Regus had warned me from, and taught me to identify.

I’m not implying here that i am immune to human nature, far from it. in fact i am more prone to it now that i am attuned to it and expect its presence. But once you have seen human beings as i have, you no longer allow it to happen, you raise that toll, make it too costly for these emotions to pass the barriers and believe me they will turn and head for the enzyme-secreting gland they call home, leaving you to react as you truly wish.

As the oddly butch air steward, (apparently called ‘laszlo’, which indicated i may have been in eastern Europe at the time) , approached the well-dressed latin woman sat in the row ahead of me i felt myself slip into one of my dream states. I looked at my new watch. It was a Casio, and i was very pleased with it. It reminded me constantly of the ridiclulous and unreachable concept of the “Future”. Twenty years ago, over seventy million human beings glanced down casually at their brand new Casio’s , safe in the knowledge that they were embracing the new ‘digital age’, that they were taking part in a revolutionary new world where we would drink virtual mocchachinos and have sex down a phone line with Swedes, Germans, japanese and even the pinko Commies in Mother Russia.

Flying cars. invisible camouflage suits. Microchips in our lips, brains, fingertips and hands. these watch-bearers convinced that once this technology was available, the world would drop the old obsolete machines and adopt these bigger better more efficient versions of everything.

My watch told me different. it told me that the old things dont get replaced, and the new things just get added to, piled on top without thought layer upon layer, with each layer altered, re-arranged and re-shaped to suit what the next generation would be told to like.

My watch also told me it was 19:47