If Monkeys had Training…

I haven’t yet elaborated on the highly complex thesis/ethos/manifesto behind these scriptures but i assure you it will all become clearer as we progress. There is a distinct political and moral standpoint that has sparked these feelings in me and it has nothing (well not much) to do with monkeys. But they do form a critical part of my analysis. We will cover a full range of topics of discussion that will clarify The Ultimate Truth for all you layman that have been unfortunate enough to miss it.

Just for all the Impatient ones amongst you i will also release a word from my manifesto each week.

This week the word is:


all you have to do is collect them all and fit them together. have fun kids!


~ Quote of the day ~

If i f*ck twenty of them do i get a discount?”

Gary Glitters tongue-in-cheek request at the recent Cambodian Child market