An introduction…..

Well, after a few years soul-searching, following my dreams, travelling the world etc it has recently come to my attention that i am an egotist. i worship myself. i feel empowered by the constant scrutiny and analysis our daily lives undergo, via the various mediums of information available to us, and feel it is time to stop hiding behind my facade of humility and modesty and just come out with it…

[cue flashbacks of tumbling down stairs in a childhood home, bottles hit the wall behind my head where i land, disjointed and in pain but upright and aware of the lumbering bulk leering down at me. i try a wisecrack. i black out at as i am hit on the temple by the plastic exit ramp of my little brothers Fisher Price ‘stop n shop’ petrol garage.]

…i love myself. there’s no denying it. leave me in room with nothing but a photo of myself, a tube of Primula and a tea-towel and i will take onanism to another level. Thats why i have to write these entries. to communicate my reasons directly. i have to know that other people share in my appreciation of all things me. there must be other people out there as shallow and self-involved to write this stuff! maybe i’ll start a fan-club. The Admiral is on board. sound the horn and cast off.