“Ok so i’m feeling prolific” was the opening line of a song taken from the album, ‘Rabbi’s With Gun’s’ by Lesbian Prodigy, a pseudo-rockabilly-folk band from Daventry, and pretty much sums up how i’m feeling at the moment.

So much to write and so little time.

Firstly, for those of you waiting for the next instalment of ‘The Doctor’, you will be appeased very soon. its almost out of post-production (we had a problem with the flange gate on the streaming fissure). And hold on to your hats cos its a stonker.

Secondly, here’s the next twenty “people” who i would happily shoot if i had a license, a gun, and no sense of moral inhibition.

D.O.L.C.E. MMVI (Part 2)

21. Rik Waller
22. Peter Andre
23. Jim Davidson
24. Peter Stringfellow
25. Quentin crisp
26. All Big Brother contestants
27. Travis
28. Sean Paul
29. Shaggy
30. Justin Timberlake
31. Americans
32. Joel Schumacher (batman & robin, colin farrells career?!?!?)
33. The cunt who directed ‘The Hole’
34. France
35. The French
36. Ben Affleck
37. J-lo
38. Lisa ‘Left-eye’ Lopes (TLC)
39. the rest of TLC
40. Doctor Fox