Rumpletweezer’s Handicraft Dungeon

Hello my young disciples. its no longer a mystery to me any more.i have had an epiphany. it is official. everybody should be lined up against the wall and shot. no melodrama. no dogma. everybody in the world has failed and shall be shown exactly how before they die. Marketing analysts! you didn’t see the big picture! up against the wall…BANG! Attendants at Seaworld! The answer does not lie in fish! Aid Workers in the Sudan! come back home now and eat your tea! There is NO such thing as a selfless act. you are doing it for yourselves.

Yes it turns out, that after a slightly autistic period of fit-like dreaming, i have been blessed with the ultimate truth. we are all wrong. no matter how successful…no matter how f*cking NICE we are to each other! stop what you are doing…put down your pens and stop writing please. Life is not a bowl of twiglets. it is a plastic-wrapped party mix, and someone has eaten all the nice little cheesy ones.

This might all seem confusing to you now, but it will reveal itself in time. As i said we are all wrong and i will explain how and why over the course of this work. i am also wrong which kind of puts a spanner in the whole works thing, but we will get past that based on a puree of trust, ignorance and the adage “You Don’t Shoot the Postman if Auntie Mabel’s copped it”